Biographical information
Race Unmade
Gender Male
Status Alive
Social Information
Aliases Blightwind
Appears in The Way of Kings (mentioned), Oathbringer

Yelig-nar is a member of the Unmade, a group of odious spren on Roshar.[1] While they are traditionally depicted as personifications of destruction, they are also shown to be individuals. Brandon has confirmed that the Unmade are indeed Splinters of Odium[2]

Yelig-nar is also known as Blightwind.[1] He was referenced in one of Dalinar's visions, when he met with Nohadon. Yelig-nar had broken into Nohadon's chancery and slaughtered all of Nohadon's words men.[3]

In her madness while Queen of Alethkar, Aesudan Kholin has bonded with Yelig-nar, who has taken over her persona ... and appearance.[4]


Yelig-nar had great powers, perhaps the powers of all Surges combined. He could transform any Voidbringer into an extremely dangerous enemy. Curiously, three legends I found mention swallowing a gemstone to engage this process.

–From Hessi’s Mythica, page 27[5]

Yelig-mar is said to consume souls, but I can’t find a specific explanation. I’m uncertain this lore is correct.

–From Hessi's Mythica, page 51[6]