Lift Wyndle
Lift and Wyndle
Fan art by The Airsick Lowlander[1]
Biographical information
Race Spren
Ethnicity Cultivation
Gender Male
Status Alive
Social Information
Title(s) Cultivationspren
Occupation Edgedancerspren
Appears in Words of Radiance, Edgedancer

Wyndle is a cultivationspren that Invests those Knights Radiant Surgebinders who are Edgedancers, such as Lift, with the Surges of Abrasion and Progression (i.e., manipulating friction and the power of Growth).[1]

Wyndle frequently complains that he was told to bond Lift, while his preference is for a person of importance. The Ring instructed Wyndle to bond Lift as she had visited the Nightwatcher and received a boon.[1]


Through his bond to Lift (who calls him a Voidbringer), Wyndle is able to manipulate natural objects in a manner that appears to animate them in ways so they are seen to have faces and/or grow into useful, organic structures, like a 'ladder' or a 'ledge'. He can also grow, from seeds, such a structure as a vine, which often have smooth and faceted crystals growing through its tendrils. Once created and then used, the vine vanishes, " ... becoming crystal and disintegrating into dust."[1]

Wyndle seems to have the most recollection of his existence in the Cognitive Realm of any spren. But ...

"Thieving in the night, chased by abominations. I was a gardener. A wonderful gardener! Cryptics and honorspren alike came to see the crystals I grew from the minds of your world. Now this. What have I become?"

–Wyndle to Lift[1]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wyndle appears as a coiled or expanding vine, sometimes with multiple faces, or " ... a dark green, fungus-like creep of vines ...".[1]

When he moves, he doesn’t wiggle like an eel. He actually grows, leaving a long trail of vines behind him that soon decay into dust.[2]

He has stated that he can't be seen other than by Lift because, for the most part, he exists in the Cognitive Realm, but that he's moved his consciousness to the Physical Realm. He has also said that he can make himself invisible to anyone, but that it's not easy for him to do so compared to other spren who are more skilled at this. Still, nobody can touch him but Lift, who asked for something unspecified when she visited his mother.[1]


Here's the thing. Certain spren have decided that they are the most pure forms of honor, or that they are the most pure form of whatever, where all of them are kind of ... Syl's got a good argument for what she is. But there are other spren that would be like "well, I'm an honorspren too, I'm just this variety of honorspren." Does that make sense? Syl's like "I'm an American!" and I'm like "I'm an Alaskan!" Yes, you're an American. I'm an American too. It's kind of similar to that. But she would be the most pure ... many would view her as the purest form. Wyndle would view himself as the purest form of a cultivation spren.

Brandon Sanderson[3]


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