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WoR I6

Point of view: Zahel
Setting: Zahel's hut

Progression of the Interlude:

Zahel gets rudely awakened by Kaladin; Kaladin asks to be trained in swords; Zahel says no; Kaladin says please; Zahel says grrrrr; Kaladin frowns; Zahel says okay fine but now I’m going back to sleep; there is no sword.

Quote of the Interlude:

"Kid," Zahel said, turning back toward him. "Two people live in this room."

The boy frowned, looking at the single cot.

"The first," Zahel said, "is a grouchy swordsman who has a soft spot for kids who are in over their heads. He comes out by day. The other is a very, very grouchy swordsman who finds everything and everyone utterly contemptible. He comes out when some fool wakes him at a horrid hour of the night. I suggest you ask the first man and not the second. All right?"


This interlude is short, and once one takes a job as a martial instructor at age something-thousand, one does not get to say "I’m too old for this."

Warning Book Spoiler: Significant plot details follow.

Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before:

Zahel is Vasher, who is one of the main characters of Warbreaker. All his metaphors are totally dumb and it looks like someone misses his old psychotic bladed roommate.

Heraldic Symbolism:

Ishar is a pious guide, a patient teacher, and Herald-wise, he’s the best approximation of Zahel’s night-grumpies.


Vasher and Nightblood ...

-Paraphrased from Carl Engle-Laird[1]

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