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WoR I13

Point of view: Eshonai
Setting: Narak

Progression of the Interlude:

A voice still screams; one sister has changed, and one has not; battle plans are discussed; Venli knows too much, and is hiding the source of her knowledge; Eshonai is discomforted, but moves on with her work.

Quote of the Interlude:

"The Alethi will come," Venli said, strolling at Eshonai’s side and absently bringing energy to her fingers and letting it play between two of them. Venli smiled often while wearing this new form. Otherwise, it didn’t seem to have changed her at all.

Eshonai knew that she herself had changed. But Venli ... Venli acted the same.

Something felt wrong about that.

Some part of Eshonai, when it’s not screaming in terror, seems able to recognize the inconsistencies in what she observes.

Development of the Interlude:

Eshonai is sorting out her new stormform ... preparing. But what is with Venli? Has she worn stormform before, or has she been wearing a form of the old gods that no one else recognized as such, or has she been in direct contact with one of the old gods? She just knows things she shouldn’t, and she’s way too comfortable with stormform.

And, this new form hasn’t changed her at all? Just how long has this - whatever it is - been going on? Has it been years in the process?


This chapter takes place on the same day as Chapter 75, when Kaladin & Shallan climbed out of the chasms to find Dalinar staging his army. This is the last day before the Weeping begins.


No spren are actually mentioned, but there’s the scene where Venli is walking along, letting "energy" play between her fingers. Is that a spren, or is it just energy? Both? Something more?

Heraldic Symbolism:

Only one Herald guards this interlude: Battar, the Counselor, wise & careful. Is this because Venli is acting as Counselor to Eshonai? Or is this one of those mockeries, where Battar is watching while Venli plays a deceitful and manipulative Counselor instead of a wise one?

- Paraphrased from Alice Arneson[1]

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