A warcamp is the domain of an Alethi Highprince, his retainers, his soldiers, and his bridgemen on the Shattered Plains. Each of the ten warcamps is enormous, and all told, there are over a hundred thousand troops in the various Alethi camps. This number doesn't count the civilians present. (A mobile camp attracts camp followers; stationary camps like these on the Shattered Plains bring even more.)[1]

Each warcamp fills its own crater and is filled with an incongruous mix of Soulcast buildings, shanties and tents. Even within the crater, the stormwinds can be strong, particularly where the outer wall is low or broken. Some places inside the wall remain completely exposed.[1]

Soldiers from one camp didn't mix with those of another, and one stayed away from another Brightlord's crater unless there was business to be done there.[1]

Whorehouses are common in every camp.[2]