Biographical information
Ethnicity Thaylen
Nationality Thaylen
Gender Male
Status Alive
Social Information
Title(s) Trademaster
Occupation Merchant
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Vstim is a Thaylen merchant and babsk to Rysn. He is known for being able to deal with the Shin people, from whom he is able to get a good deal, unlike many other merchants. He has a knack for understanding the needs of other cultures and what makes a good return on an investment, making him a successful trader. [1]

In 1166, Vstim had been the one to obtain Szeth from a local Shin farmer and trader, Thresh-son-Esan. He later traded Szeth for a large profit, but regretted doing so as Szeth was a good servant. Over the years, Vstim continued to trade with Thresh; in one of his travels seven years later, he was accompanied by his new apprentice Rysn.[1]

The next year, Vstim and Rysn were in the Reshi Isles trading with the inhabitants of a Tai-na called Relu-na. Vstim feigned sickness to give Rysn trading practice with real stakes; however, Rysn managed to fall off of Relu-na's head, and for her albeit stupid boldness and bravery, is given a live larkin by the Tai-na. Vstim receives his original trade - which had been set up years before - of a dead larkin.[2]