• Tejrinde Shahrizai

    Spren Type

    August 3, 2014 by Tejrinde Shahrizai

    Just what is your favorite type of spren? Granted, we've been introduced to many insensate and only a few sentient types, but I'm rather partial to Wyndle because he's both cautionary and providing. He both reminds Lift to feed herself (i.e.: her 'awesomeness') and warns her of Darkness approaching.

    Yes, Syl provides Kaladin with much the same, but I'm leaning toward Wyndle in these early days of The Stormlight Archive.

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  • Tejrinde Shahrizai

    I identify with the Elsecallers because, first and foremost, I identify with Jasnah Kholin and her beliefs as a Veristitalian. However, if I was a Surgebinder, I would definitely want the abilities of Transformation and Transportation!

    With which Order of Knights Radiant do you most identify and why?

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