Torol Sadeas

Fan art by ex-m[1]
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Born 1123
Died 1174
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord,
Highprince of Information
Family Ialai Sadeas (wife)
Occupation Highprince
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Unstylized version of Sadeas's Glyph

Torol Sadeas was a Highprince of Alethkar. His symbol is a yellow glyphpair in the shape of a tower and a hammer on a field of deep green.


He is described as having a bulbous face and curly, black hair; his complexion ruddy, his nose too red, with fine veins visible in his cheeks.[1] He had the arms of a soldier, but wore frivolous outfits which were nevertheless fashionable (e.g.: dark slacks trimmed with green silk, open short coats over stiff matching shirts).[1]

Sadeas hates how his body feels outside of Shardplate, and he hates more how he looks; his loss of youthfulness troubles him.[2]



Sadeas was formerly friends with Gavilar and Dalinar in their youth, fighting alongside them in battles to unite Alethkar. When Szeth came to assassinate Gavilar, Sadeas acted as a decoy to lure Szeth away ... but failed. Because of this failure, and also because Dalinar was drunk when this happened, Sadeas and Dalinar have an antagonistic relationship.

Post Gavilar's DeathEdit

Sadeas's battle tactics in the war against the Parshendi have been noted as especially cruel, but also effective, as he has won many skirmishes which have resulted in a lot of gemhearts from the crystalized chasmfiends. Early on in The Way of Kings, Sadeas is mostly shown handing out veiled slurs at Dalinar or, in Kaladin's viewpoint, crossing Bridge Four's bridge.

After Elhokar was nearly killed by a chasmfiend (if not for Dalinar), Sadeas called Renarin "useless", prompting Dalinar to ask him if he had truly said so; such an insult would demand Dalinar attack Sadeas in a duel, thereby shattering the Vengeance Pact. Sadeas checked himself, and said that he hadn't said as much, and they both decided not to let their hatred get in the way of Elhokar's reign again. Days or weeks later, Sadeas approached Elhokar and gained the position of Highprince of Information, giving him reign over the investigation of a broken strap on Elhokar's saddle during the chasmfiend hunt, putting Dalinar in the spotlight.

Dalinar later approaches him, having no alternative, to carry out a joint-plateau assault; a new strategy designed to better confront the Parshendi. Sadeas agrees and begins to win more gemhearts faster and with more Parshendi causlualties. When the Parshendi begin to bring their second armies, he is nearly killed, yet is saved by Dalinar. He appears to befriend Dalinar again, and asks Dalinar to read The Way of Kings to him.

Later, Dalinar and Sadeas combine forces again for a joint assault at the Tower. While there, Sadeas leaves with his men and bridges, supposedly to let Dalinar perish, along with his bridge crew. Dalinar is eventually saved by Kaladin and his bridgemen, who return to the scene having recognized the situation.

When Dalinar returns to the warcamps with Bridge Four, he confronts Sadeas. Dalinar ends up exchanging his Shardblade with Sadeas for all of Sadeas's bridgemen.

Warning Book Spoiler: Significant plot details follow.

Shattered PlainsEdit

Sadeas continues to play cold-war style against Dalinar, refusing to meet him in open combat, however trying his hardest to undermine him, and make him appear a madman in front of the rest of the Alethi Nobility.


Shallan observes and does not care for Sadeas's warcamp. She smells the stink of its air, its desperation.[3]

The scent of sweat, of cheap drink, and of crem that had not been cleaned off the streets. That all churned above roads that were poorly lit.[3]

Here, people lope along in packs. The men who wear uniforms wear them with unbuttoned jackets and wrinkled trousers. The taverns spit forth rackets. The women who idle in front of some indicate that not all are taverns. Blatantly so.[3]

Sadeas's preferred slaves are men and women with branded foreheads, who scurry about with backs bowed and shoulders slumped.[3]


Once the warcamps relocate to Urithiru, Sadeas is soon killed by Adolin after telling him that he plans to continue working against Dalinar.[4]

He was fifty-one years old.


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