Biographical information
Ethnicity Shin
Nationality Shin
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Farmer
Appears in The Way of Kings

Thresh-son-Esan is a Shin farmer. He meets with Vstim and Rysn in Shinovar to trade.[1]

Rysn describes what she guesses to be Shin finery:

... a bright multicolored cloak, that completely enveloped him, tied close at the front. It trailed down on either side of his horse, drooping almost to the ground. Only his head was exposed.[1]

Vstim explains that he is a farmer and in Shin farmers are the most respected, and farms are holy places in Shin.[1]

They trade soulcast metal that bears no stain of broken rock for chickens and cloth, seven years before Vstim had purchased Szeth the Truthless from him. [1]


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