This page lists the point-of-view characters within The Way of Kings (i.e., those character perspectives through which the story is told).

Point of View StatisticsEdit

Following are the main PoV characters from whom the bulk of the story is told.

Character Number of Chapters
Kaladin 42
Dalinar 22
Shallan 15
Adolin 10
Szeth 5
Teft 3

The rest of PoV characters received one chapter each. They are: Kalak, Cenn, Ishikk, Nan Balat, Gaz, Rysn, Axies the Collector, Baxil, Geranid, Navani, Hoid, Joshor.

A total of 18 characters have points of view in the book.
There are a total of 75 chapters + Prelude + Prologue + Epilogue + Endnote + 9 Interludes for a total of 88 in the book.

Points of ViewEdit

Following is a list of chapters and the PoV characters presented within them. The table is sortable, allowing the reader to find all the chapters from a specific PoV character.

Chapters Character(s)
Prelude Kalak
Prologue: To Kill Szeth
Ch.1: Stormblessed Cenn
Ch.2: Honor is Dead Kaladin
Ch.3: City of Bells Shallan
Ch.4: The Shattered Plains Kaladin
Ch.5: Heretic Shallan
Ch.6: Bridge Four Kaladin
Ch.7: Anything Reasonable Shallan
Ch.8: Nearer the Flame Shallan
Ch.9: Damnation Kaladin
Ch.10: Stories of Surgeons Kaladin
Ch.11: Droplets Kaladin
Int.1: Ishikk Ishikk
Int.2: Nan Balat Nan Balat
Int.3: The Glory of Ignorance Szeth
Ch.12: Unity Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.13: Ten Heartbeats Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.14: Payday Kaladin
Ch.15: The Decoy Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.16: Cocoons Kaladin
Ch.17: A Bloody, Red Sunset Kaladin
Ch.18: Highprince of War Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.19: Starfalls Dalinar
Ch.20: Scarlet Kaladin
Ch.21: Why Men Lie Kaladin
Ch.22: Eyes, Hands, or Spheres? Dalinar
Ch.23: Many Uses Kaladin
Ch.24: The Gallery of Maps Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.25: The Butcher Kaladin
Ch.26: Stillness Dalinar
Ch.27: Chasm Duty Kaladin
Ch.28: Decision Dalinar, Adolin
Int.4: Rysn Rysn
Int.5: Axies the Collector Axies the Collector
Int.6: A Work of Art Szeth
Ch.29: Errorgance Shallan
Ch.30: Darkness Unseen Kaladin, Gaz
Ch.31: Beneath the Skin Kaladin
Ch.32: Side Carry Kaladin
Ch.33: Cymatics Shallan
Ch.34: Stormwall Kaladin
Ch.35: A Light by Which to See Kaladin, Teft
Ch.36: The Lesson Shallan
Ch.37: Sides Kaladin
Ch.38: Envisager Kaladin, Teft
Ch.39: Burned into Her Shallan
Ch.40: Eyes of Red and Blue Kaladin
Ch.41: Of Alds and Milp Kaladin
Ch.42: Beggars and Barmaids Shallan
Ch.43: The Wretch Kaladin
Ch.44: The Weeping Kaladin
Ch.45: Shadesmar Shallan
Ch.46: Child of Tanavast Kaladin
Ch.47: Stormblessings Kaladin
Ch.48: Strawberry Shallan
Ch.49: To Care Kaladin
Ch.50: Backbreaker Powder Shallan
Ch.51: Sas Nahn Kaladin
Int.7: Baxil Baxil
Int.8: Geranid Geranid
Int.9: Death Wear White Szeth
Ch.52: A Highway to the Sun Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.53: Dunny Kaladin
Ch.54: Gibletish Dalinar
Ch.55: An Emerald Broam Kaladin
Ch.56: That Storming Book Dalinar
Ch.57: Wandersail Kaladin
Ch.58: The Journey Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.59: An Honor Kaladin
Ch.60: That Which We Cannot Have Dalinar
Ch.61: Right for Wrong Dalinar
Ch.62: Three Glyphs Kaladin
Ch.63: Fear Kaladin
Ch.64: A Man of Extremes Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.65: The Tower Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.66: Codes Dalinar, Kaladin
Ch.67: Words Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.68: Eshonai Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.69: Justice Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin, Navani
Ch.70: Sea of Glass Shallan
Ch.71: Recorded in Blood Szeth
Ch.72: Veristitalian Shallan
Ch.73: Trust Kaladin
Ch.74: Ghostblood Shallan
Ch.75: In the Top Room Dalinar
Epilogue: Of Most Worth Hoid
Endnote Joshor

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