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They are aflame. They burn. They bring the darkness when they come, and so all you can see is that their skin is aflame. Burn, burn, burn ... .

–Collected on Palahishev, 1172, 21 seconds pre-death. Subject was a baker’s apprentice.

Point of view: Shallan
Setting: Kharbranth

Shallan is en route to the Palanaeum, hoping to convince Jasnah that she is worthy of being her ward. It is critical that she finds a way to do so.  Without her father, her family can no longer soulcast its own wealth or manipulate others into doing as they want.

She is allowed to wait for Jasnah in her reading alcove, though she is denied access to the Palanaeum itself. While she waits, she writes a letter to Jasnah containing arguments for her reconsideration, then begins to sketch several scenes from the past few hours. She is interrupted by an Ardent introducing himself as Kabsal. He asks to wait for Jasnah with Shallan, and praises her sketches highly.

Kabsal tells Shallan that he is trying to convert Jasnah to Vorinism. He leaves, asking her to let Jasnah know that he had come by to speak with her. She agrees, and begins to lacquer her drawings. She realizes that she has been there for quite some time, and begins to gather her things, leaving the letter for Jasnah. However, before she can leave, Jasnah appears in the doorway.


Character Type Description
Shallan POV Shallan is trying to change Jasnah's mind about taking her as a ward.
Jasnah Appeared Shallan is trying to make her argument by letter, but Jasnah arrives before Shallan can leave.
Lin Davar Mentioned (unnamed) Shallan thinks about her families predicament and how her father had a Soulcaster.
Balat Davar Mentioned (unnamed) Shallan thinks of how her brothers are covering up their father's death.
Wikim Davar Mentioned (unnamed) Shallan thinks of how her brothers are covering up their father's death.
Jushu Davar Mentioned (unnamed) Shallan thinks of how her brothers are covering up their father's death.
Luesh Mentioned Steward of Shallan's father, he is able to use the Soulcaster.
Yalb Mentioned Shallan draws a picture of him.
Malise Gevelmar Mentioned (unnamed) Shallan talks of her stepmother's lack of education in her letter to Jasnah.
Kabsal Appeared Kabsal comes to Jasnah's alcove looking for her and chats with Shallan instead.
Vedeledev Mentioned Kabsal makes an oath expressing his astonishment at Shallan's drawings.
Brother Lhanin Mentioned Kabsal claims to have lost a bet to him.
Dandos the Oilsworn Mentioned Shallan says this is from whom she learned to draw.

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