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I wish to sleep. I know now why you do what you do, and I hate you for it. I will not speak of the truths I see.

Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: The Shattered Plains

Back in the chasms, Leyten is carving carapace into armor, making more armor out of the bones of the dead. Kaladin smiles because he’s forgotten this is horror-movie stuff and chats about the bridgeman's background as an atrocity as a merchant blacksmith’s apprentice. (Leyten apparently took the fall when a piece of armor his master had worked broke and let a lighteyes be wounded.)

Kaladin strolls down the chasm to where Teft is walking the men through spear drills. Skar and Moash are the most skilled, and Kaladin recognizes a fevered, all-consuming drive to train in Moash from a dark time in his own life. He waves Moash over and reminds him not to work himself ragged, offering to make him one of the decoys. He tries to draw out Moash’s backstory, and the man says he’s hunting vengeance. Kaladin sympathizes, but says that he still has to be careful. You can’t help anyone if you get yourself killed.

Moash agrees, but points out the difference between them. Kaladin wanted to save someone, but Moash just wants to kill somebody. He won’t say whom, yet.

Kaladin looks over the squad, and thinks for a moment that if they get the dodging and armor right, they might stay decently safe. He wonders if running is still a viable option. Rock approaches, detecting his worry, and they discuss the situation. Rock laughs off the idea of sticking around as bridgemen, and Kaladin realizes he’s right. Even if their squad is now much safer than his unit in Amaram's army had been, he will still lose two or three men a month. The squad as it’s now composed will be dead within a year. Rock promises to talk to Sigzil about ways to avoid pursuit when they run.

The men call for Kaladin to join them in sparring, but he refuses. Teft says it would be good for morale for him to show his skills, but he says he isn’t ready to pick up a spear again. Teft calls out his fear, and hopes that Kaladin will be ready when the time comes.

- by Carl Engle-Laird[1]

Quote of the Chapter:

I wish to sleep. I know now why you do what you do, and I hate you for it. I will not speak of the truths I see.