Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Thaylens

Thaylenah is an island nation separated from the Roshar mainland by Longbrows Straits. Thaylen people are renowned tradesman, merchants and sailors.


Thaylen men have stark white beards and long white eyebrows,[1] regardless of their age or the color of their hair. Their eyebrows grow very long and are sometimes worn tucked back behind their ears.[2] Tozbek (the captain of the Wind's Pleasure on which Shallan took passage), wore his in a spikey fan pattern above his eyes.[3] Thaylen women's eyebrows are also long; the wife of the book merchant, Artmyrn, that Shallan visits, curls hers to hang down the side of her face like bangs.[4]

Traditional merchant clothing consists of flat-topped conical caps, and vests.[1] Starched robes used to be more popular several years ago.[5]


Kaladin refers to the Thaylen accent as sounding like mumbling, and Shallan - in thinking of the Thaylen language - says that they are "mashing letters together without proper vowels." [3]


The dominant cultural tradition in Thaylenah is Alethi Vorinism. Thaylen women cover their safehands, though more of them wear gloves for practicality or to keep up appearances.[5]


According to Rock, the kingdom of Thaylenah has five Shardblades and three full suits of Shardplate.[6]


Thaylen bread is fluffy and brown and is referenced often in The Way of Kings. It plays a large role in Ardent Kabsal's interactions with Shallan.[7]

Notable LocationsEdit

Notable PeopleEdit


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