Type Country
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Tashikki

Tashikk is a small country on Roshar. To its east, it is bordered by Emul; to its northeast/north, by Azir; to its north/northwest, by Yezier; to its west, by Liafor; and to its south, by the southeastern Aimian Sea. The country is a little more than a week's travel from Azimir in Azir.[1]

Lift observes the place to be overgrown with brown grass a foot or two high. And, that the occasional trees were tall and twisty, with trunks that looked like hey were made of interwoven vines, and branches that pointed upward more than out. She calls these drop-deads.[1]

Lift makes her way through Tashikk to the city of Yeddaw, and finds the country to be a strange place even compared to Azir. She'd found people there to be too polite and reserved.[2]



Tashikk's people are known to wear single-sheet wraps called shiquas. Such wraps are long pieces of clothing that the people wrap round themselves, feet to forehead. For being a single sheet, it is really complex: it winds around both legs and arms individually, but also wraps back around the waist sometimes to create a kind of skirt. Both the men and the women wear the cloths, though not the guards.[2]

Lift thinks that this clothing makes the people hard to read.[2]


The people like trading information. According to Lift, it is kind of their thing.[3]

Lift states that people in Tashik love to write stuff down ... and they love information. That they love trading it with the people of Azir.[4]

Wyndle notes that this is a distinguishing factor of their cultural identity.[4]


Tashi is the god of the people of Tashikk, and Yeddaw in particular. According to Hauka, Tashi protects the people of Yeddaw.[5]

"Tashi," a scribe whispered. "God of Gods and Binder of the World!"

–In the Grand Indicium of Yeddaw, witnessing Lift evade her would-be captors therein.[6]


The prince of Tashikk is ostensibly the ruler of this country.