The Tai-na are enormous Greatshells that seem to resemble turtles. They are worshipped by the Reshi people, who lower food for the creatures down a rope to their mouths. When two Reshi islands get close, the creatures decide whether to go to war or peacefully pass.


The Tai-na could appear as towering rock formations jutting from the water like boulders in a field.[1] The first that Rysn perused was much bigger than she'd expected and was different from other islands that she'd seen; there didn't seem to be any beach, and it wasn't flat and low, but mountainous and very green.[1]


The Tai-na is a good place to grow. ... Good place to live. Except when it's at war.[1]

The Tai-na - the 'islands' - decide whether the close or distant proximity of 'islands' themselves is a good or bad thing.[1]


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