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Stone Shamanism refers to beliefs and practices followed in Shinovar by the Shin people, who consider it profane to walk on stone or use Stormlight for everyday illumination.[1]

This seems to have something to do with the concept of Truthless. When a Truthless dies, Stone Shamans of Shinovar will come to reclaim his Shardblade.[1] This implies that there have been other Truthless before Szeth.

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In the Shin culture, those who add are to be revered; great people create food and clothing.[1] Those who take away - warriors, those who kill - are considered the lowliest of Shin; they are traded and sold between houses, like slaves.[2]

Men trade and sell them between houses by way of little stones that signify ownership, and any man who picks up a weapon must join them and be treated the same. [2]
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