The Spiritweb is a mysterious concept in the Cosmere. To this day, very little is known about it. However, it seems likely that the Spiritweb is an individual's Spiritual aspect. Evidence suggests that Spiritwebs are laid out in a specific pattern in a person. This pattern forms a network of lines and points ... or veins.[1]

The Spiritweb is related to "Spiritual DNA" - a person's Spiritual heritage from living on a specific Shardworld.[2] It is also passed down like Earthly DNA, from parents to children.[3] The Spiritweb is also implied to determine which manifestations of Investiture a person can utilize.[4] Some manifestations of Investiture seem to be built into a person's Spiritual DNA, like Allomancy and Feruchemy. Other times, such as in Hemalurgy and potentially Surgebinding, involve manipulating Spiritual DNA. In Hemalurgy, portions of the Spiritweb seem to be ripped off of one person and grafted onto another person's Spiritweb. A Surgebinder's Nahel bond with a spren may work in a similar way; a spren becoming spiritually attached to a certain point on a person's Spiritweb, sort of like a non-invasive form of Hemalurgy.

As a Shardblade can be stolen with Hemalurgy,[5] it seems likely that it is attached to a point in a person's Spiritweb as well.

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. If a Shard were to heal the cracks in someone's Spiritweb, like Sazed did with Spook, and that person who was getting healed has a Nahel bond, would that break the bond?

A. No, because the Nahel bond is already filling in those cracks, so you would have to rip it off to put something else in there.

Q. So the Shard wouldn't be able to heal ... ?

A. Well, the Shard ... Like, here's the thing we have to get at with this, what we're getting at, which is the question of, for instance, is Kaladin's depression a flaw in him that needs to be healed? And that is a question for philosophers. There are certainly people in the Cosmere and outside the Cosmere that say yes, this needs to be healed, but what about somebody who's ... say, someone who is autistic, and their mind just works in a different way, and this way allows a certain bond to happen that couldn't otherwise happen? Is that a flaw, or - is it a bug or a feature, to speak in coding terms? Is what's up with Kaladin a bug or a feature? I know that my wife would probably get rid of her depression if she could, but it's also fundamental in how she sees the world and who she is, would that change her into a different person? And things like this. So, I want you when you discuss this, to be very careful about treating mental illness as a flaw as opposed to an aspect of a human personality that allows certain different things to happen. Does that make sense?

Q. The way I was sort of thinking, was, could Odium say, "Oh, I'm just going to fix this" and then [ ... ]?

A. Right, right, yeah. If he - if there was - that is possible, but it would be hard to do without the consent of the person, but that is possible. You can fix somebody in a way that they didn’t want to be fixed, and it would ruin things.[6]


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