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Soulcasting is the art of changing one substance to another. It is a form of Surgebinding. Soulcasters is a colloquial name for both a person who possesses soulcasting ability and a type of fabrial that allows anyone to soulcast.

Nine out of ten Soulcasters were capable of a few limited transformations: creating water or grain from stone, forming bland, single-roomed rock buildings out of air or cloth. [1]

Soulcasting is used for a variety of purposes including food production, construction and repair, healing, and killing. The term 'Soulcaster' can refer either to the individual who can Soulcast or the fabrial that most Soulcasters require in order to Soulcast successfully. Almost all Soulcasters are part of the Ardentia and need a fabrial to Soulcast.

Soulcasting fabrials can be attuned to particular Essences, but they can theoretically work with all of the Essences.

So far, the only known characters who can Soulcast without the need of a fabrial are Jasnah Kholin and Shallan Davar, although Shallan is very inexperienced in the art.

King Elhokar charges his Highprinces to use his Soulcasters to feed and house their soldiers. Most of the food and barracks at the warcamps on the Shattered Plains were Soulcast. Bridgemen often have to collect rocks outside of their warcamp so that Soulcasters can Soulcast them into food.[2]

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. Is Soulcasting mass-conservative (Soulcast a 1kg goblet, you get 1 kg of blood.)?

A. In most circumstances, yes.[3]


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