Biographical information
Race Unmade
Gender Female
Status Alive
Appears in Words of Radiance (mentioned), Oathbringer

Sja-anat is an entity which, once it touches a spren, the spren acts strangely; it doesn't act like it should.[1]

Sja-anat has a spy, a spren which appears as a shadowy face with red eyes which swims through the water of the Purelake like a fish. Apparently, it is unable to go far without a carrier, so it brings an escort ... a larger spren which reforms itself into a female knight with a Shardblade in her hands.[1]


The Taker of Secrets
Drawing by Miranda Meeks[2]

Shallan hears Sja-anat's voice speaking to her shortly after she enters the revel atop the Oathgate platform in Kholinar amidst the members of the Cult of Moments.[3]

Let go.

Give up your pain.

Feast. Indulge.

Embrace the end.[3]

Sja-anat encourages Shallan to ...


Get something to drink.

Join the revel.[3]

Then, Sja-anat insists that she's not Shallan's enemy, but that the heart (who's voice Shallan has also just heard) is a trap.[3]