Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Appears in The Way of Kings

Sani is a young woman from Hearthstone who needed surgery on her freehand.[1]

Sani had three broken fingers and the skin on her hand was scraped and gouged, the wound cluttered with sticks and dirt. The third finger was the worst, shattered and twisted nastily, splinters of bone protruding through the skin. Kal felt its length, noting the fractured bones, the blackness on the skin. He carefully wiped away dried blood and dirt with a wet cloth, picking out rocks and sticks as his father cut thread for sewing.[1]

Lirin used a mirror to focus a sphere's light onto Sani's hand. While the wound wasn't life-threatening, the hand was pretty badly mangled. [1]

Sani's third finger had to be sacrificed as well.[1]