Salinor Eved
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Abilities Shardbearer
Appears in Words of Radiance

Salinor Eved is an Alethi Shardbearer amongst those of Highprince Thanadal. He has only a Shardblade, though for his duel with Adolin, he borrows a set of the King's unornamented slate-grey Shardplate.[1]

During the duel, Salinor was battered beyond what he'd thought possible by Adolin and he ultimately pleaded a stop to the duel as a result. The highjudge, Brightness Istow, granted his request, but Salinor accused Adolin of cheating. Even so, the highjudge ruled in Adolin's favor and Salinor was required to relinquish his Shardblade.[1]

After the duel, Adolin gave Salinor's Shardblade to his younger brother, Renarin, who was amazed at his brother's prowess.[1]