Rysn and Larkin
Fan art by botanicaxu[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Thaylen
Nationality Thaylen
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Merchant
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Rysn is a Thaylen apprentice merchant to Vstim, whom she finds to be a very strange but knowlegable person, and from whom she can learn a lot about mercantile enterprise. She is a practitioner of Vorinism to keep up appearances, but she does not particularly take some of the traditions to heart; she finds covering her safehand merely a silly tradition. She is also very observant, as evidenced by her listening to a sales pitch between her master and a Shin farmer called Thresh-son-Esan. From it, she deduces that the Shin haggle to undermine their products, rather than boasting about them.[1]

Rysn bota

Fan art by botanicaxu[2]

She finds Shin culture to be very odd, and because of this her master, Vstim, tries to get her to appreciate their culture by ordering her to cut out a section of grass from Shinovar, which didn't move like she was used to, and care for it until she no longer finds it strange. She later names it Tyvnk, which means Sullen.[2]

The next year, Rysn and her babsk were in the Reshi Isles trading with Talik, an occupant of a Tai-na called Relu-na. Vstim feigned sickness in an attempt to give Rysn practice trading with real stakes. When Rysn thinks the trade is at stake, she acts rashly and attempts to speak to Relu-na itself by lowering herself down near it's head. However, the rope she was clinging to snapped and she fell a large distance. She only survived because the island's soul itself saved her by cushioning the fall. In the end, Vstim gets the corpse of a larkin, his original trade which was never at stake, but Rysn is given a very rare live larkin by the island itself.[2]