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Biographical information
Nationality Thaylen
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Merchant

Rysn is a Thaylen apprentice merchant to Vstim, whom she finds to be a very strange but knowlegable person that she can learn a lot about mercantile enterprise from. She is very observant, as evidenced by her listening to a sales pitch between her master and a Shin farmer called Thresh-son-Esan; from it she deduces that the Shin haggle to undermine their products, rather than boasting about them.   

She finds Shin culture to be very odd, and because of this her master Vstim tries to get her to appreciate their culture by ordering her to cut out a section of grass from Shinnovar and care for it until she no longer finds it strange.

She is a practitioner of Vorinism to keep up appearances, but she does not particularly take some of the traditions to heart. Rysn is able to use a warning fabrial purchased by her babsk the title given to Vstim.


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