The Rosharan system is comprised of a series of enormous gas giants which crowd the outer reaches of the system. However, nobody has been able to observe them directly, as their manifestations in Shadesmar is minor.[1]

There are three worlds in the habitable zone, all of which are inhabited to one extent or another. There is Ashyn, the burning world, which suffered a cataclysm long ago. People there live in very small pockets of survivability, including the famous floating cities.[2]

Farthest out of the three is Braize, which despite being cold and inhospitable, is home to an eco-system of self-aware Splinters. (The local parlance would call them spren.)[3]

The middle world, Roshar, is the showpiece of the system. Roshar is home to a diverse and unique ecology containing dramatic megafauna and fascinating symbiotic relationships between creatures (both humanoid and not) and Splinters of Investiture.[4]