Renarin Kholin

Fan art by ex-m[3]
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Born 1154
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinding (Truthwatcher)
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord, Prince of House Kholin
Family House Kholin
Occupation Noble
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Renarin Kholin is a Brightlord of Alethkar, Prince of House Kholin, and the younger son of Highprince Dalinar and Brightness Kholin, and younger brother to Adolin. Through his father, he is the nephew of the late King Gavilar and his then wife Navani, the cousin of King Elhokar and his sister Jasnah. He is also a first cousin once removed to Elhokar's and his wife Aesudan's son as a member of House Kholin.

Since childhood, Renarin has supposedly suffered an illness referred to as 'blood weakness'. Initially, he does not possess either a Shardblade or Shardplate. Adolin wins a Shardblade for his brother in his first serious duel,[1] as part of the plan to take Shards away from the other Highprinces.[2] He is given his father's Shardplate when Dalinar decides to turn over field command of his forces to Adolin and devote himself to leadership.[3]


Renarin has blue eyes.[4] He wears spectacles. When wearing the regular uniform of Kholin blue and silver, golden knots on his shoulders mark him as a prince.[5]


Renarin is a quiet person who is close to his brother but is dismissed by everyone else. He is shown to be quite thoughtful and intelligent but suffers from lack of confidence and depression. While these emotions are present within him, he is very good at controlling them, only showing what he wants, though usually nothing.

Renarin has no problem following orders, regardless of how silly they might be, and has a good attitude toward most things. He wishes to prove his worth to everyone but himself as he is unable to fight in a society that so greatly values war.

He is a humble man and very brave, especially when his father or brother are in danger. When his father is thrown from his horse during the chasmfiend hunt, he runs to protect him, heedless of the danger he faces; since he doesn't have Shardplate, he could easily be killed.[6] He risks his life to save his brother in the dueling arena, when Adolin faces four full Shardbearers due to a loophole in the rules of dueling.[7] Renarin doesn't have enough time to don his Shardplate, but summons his Shardblade and faces a fully trained, experienced Shardbearer, Abrobadar.



Fan art by ex-m[1]

Renarin isn’t defined by his relations with other characters. He is well loved by his family and wholeheartedly supported, sometimes overly protected but always cared for by everyone who is close to him. His father dotes on him immensely; his big brother is always there ready to defend him; there is no conflict to be had. Renarin isn't jealous of Adolin's successes. He has little fear of death (judging from his running unarmored into the arena in a futile attempt to help his brother),[7] no jealousy, and he has no expectations of being treated in a manner befitting his princely status. He is willing to plead with Kaladin to be admitted into the Bridge Four fellowship in order to be useful, and gradually becomes accepted. As Kaladin later explains to Dalinar, as a 'misfit,' Renarin fits very well into his collection of such people.

Finally, he has a set of Shards, though the Blade screams every time he summons it - but since he's always been the weird one, he assumes that's just his own personal problem, too. On top of that, he's seeing the future - which is supposed to be a thing of evil, so he really doesn't dare tell anyone: his family has enough stress, the rest of Alethkar already thinks he's "icky" and he doesn't need to add "anathema". So, as usual, he bore it alone and tried not to be a burden ... but now it's all getting to be too much.

Renarin's little box, however, which he always has with him for no purpose other than something to do with his hands, is recognizable as a form of stimming (i.e., a symptom of autism).[8] Renarin's main issues thus seem to sprout mainly from himself. His ordeal appears to be a very internal one, a very private one. Nobody ever told him he absolutely had to be a soldier: it is quite the opposite. His family also tried to encourage him to pursue a path where they thought he would excel. In all appearances, the Kholin family has done everything right in trying to help, shelter and encourage this supposedly disabled child.

Therefore, all that is left is Renarin himself. He is the one who isn’t dealing with it. He is the one who self-depreciated himself: not his family, not his relationships, not anyone. Him.

It thus makes Renarin’s hardships very personal, which are lived inside his head.

Renarin begins combat training later than most light-eyed boys, who begin at around age 10. He is chosen by the ardent Master Zahel, who starts Renarin's training in Shardplate by getting him to jump off the roof of one of the training ground buildings. Once Renarin has completed this task, he is told to do it again. "This time, fall headfirst!"[9]

Words of RadianceEdit

Renarin Cune

Renarin Kholin
Fan art by Cunegonde[2]

In the days leading up to the Everstorm, Renarin began seeing visions of the future which caused him to write glyph messages and numbers counting down to its arrival. However, these writings were attributed to Dalinar's visions and assumed to be Dalinar's own manifestations while "under an influence". During the battle for Narak itself, however, Renarin was taken by one of his visions again, and his participation in them seems to be involuntary, if not painful.[10] Considering the Vorin sensibilities regarding men writing, it is possible that his writing of the glyphs are against his will also. Because he is seeing the future - an action explicitly forbidden by the Vorin church for ties with the Voidbringers - Renarin believes himself to be cursed by the Almighty.[citation needed]

Later, Renarin stops wearing his glasses,[11] presumably indicating he no longer needs them.

It would follow that he possesses the Surge of Progression (growth) and so likely used Regrowth on his eyes. Because, at the end of Words of Radiance, Renarin is revealed to be a Truthwatcher, a type of Radiant whose Surges are Progression and Illumination. His spren is named Glys, but has yet to be revealed as either male, female, or other.[12]


  • Dalinar Kholin - Father
  • Brightness Kholin - Mother
  • Adolin Kholin - Brother
  • Gavilar Kholin - Uncle (deceased)
  • Navani Kholin - Aunt
  • Jasnah Kholin - Cousin
  • Elhokar Kholin - Cousin and King of Alethkar
  • Aesudan Kholin - Cousin-in-law
  • Unnamed child - First cousin once removed (son of Elhokar and Aesudan)


It has been stated by Brandon that Renarin is on the autism spectrum, albeit mildly.[13]

By the end of Words of Radiance, Renarin is twenty years old.



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