Relis Ruthar
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Abilities Shardbearer
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord
Family Jayla Ruthar (father),
Elit Ruthar (cousin)
Occupation Noble
Appears in Words of Radiance

Relis Ruthar is a full Shardbearer, owning both Plate and Blade, and one of few in his father's warcamp on the Shattered Plains. He is his father's star Shardbearer and the current dueling champion.[1]


He is described as " ... a man with a face like a shovel - flat and wide, with a nose that seemed like it had been smashed.[1]

Warning Book Spoiler: Significant plot details follow.


Relis, Elit Ruthar's cousin, was approached by Adolin and offered a duel, the spoils of which would be Adolin's Plate and Blade, plus Renarin's Plate and Blade, and the Shard Adolin had won from Erraniv; five Shards to Relis's two: Relis's Plate and Blade. Relis refused the duel, which Adolin then offered to Elit, who accepted. The spoils were to be Adolin's five Shards to Elit's one.[1]

Since the dueling agreement between Relis and Adolin had been refused by Relis, yet agreed upon by Elit, the number of duelists Adolin would face had never been agreed upon. Upon entering the arena, Elit was accompanied by Relis, Jakamav and Abrobadar, intending to over-balance his opponent. Elit was garbed in a set of the King's slate grey Plate, yet it was Relis to whom the dueling agreement had been attributed (since it was he whom Adolin had originally approached with the challenge) and Adolin hadn't specified that he'd face Relis and only one other.[2]

Unfortunately, when Renarin joined his brother (supposedly in Adolin's defense), Relis went after Renarin instead. When Kaladin joined Adolin - in Renarin's defense - Relis lost his advantage - not thinking a simple spearman was a threat - and, subsequently, exited the duel and forfeited the match, losing his Shards with the decision.[3]

Relis is described as wearing black armor, eventually trailing Stormlight in a crack in the vambrace on his left forearm.[3]


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