Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Physical Description
Hair Color Dark
Social Information
Title(s) Sergeant
Occupation Bridgeman, Soldier
Appears in Words of Radiance

Pitt was a bridgeman in Sadeas's army. He was an earnest man and a member of Bridge Seventeen.[1] He became a Sergeant in Dalinar's army.[2]


Pitt had short dark hair and strong features.[1]


He was glad when Kaladin's crew had been sent out instead of his own to face the Parshendi, and yet he regretted his emotion with regard to this act. To Kaladin, he apologized for this.[1]

He realized that Sadeas had broken many of them and confessed this to Kaladin. Kaladin encouraged him to believe that men could be reforged. Further, he realized that he would have to do the same as Kaladin had done for his own bridgemen, but not without Teft's help.[1]