A perpendicularity is a stable junction between the Physical Realm and Cognitive Realm.

At these points, Physical matter, Cognitive thought, and Spiritual essence become one - and a being can slide between Realms.

–From Khriss's essay on the Drominad System[1]

Perpendicularities are used by Worldhoppers such Khriss and Hoid to travel between worlds. They are formed through the concentration of Investiture in the Physical and Cognitive Realms. As a result, most are commonly found at Shardpools.

Known PerpendicularitiesEdit

First of the SunEdit

First of the Sun is notable for being a minor Shardworld with a perpendicularity.[2] It is, presumably, Patji's Eye.


It is speculated that the Origin of the highstorms to the east may be a perpendicularity. Additionally, there is a pool in the Horneater Peaks that is suspected to be a Shardpool perpendicularity.


The pool below the Pits of Hathsin was the main perpendicularity before it was destroyed by Kelsier. The other known perpendicularity, the Well of Ascension, was extremely dangerous during the imprisonment of Ruin.[3]


The Shardpool of Devotion is currently the only known perpendicularity on Sel.


Perpendicularities on Threnody are unstable, unpredictable, and have a morbid origin.[4]


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