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Type Library
Location City of Kharbranth
Created During or before the Heraldic Epochs

The Palanaeum is the largest and finest library on Roshar, boasting a collection of seven hundred thousand tomes and scrolls. It's located underground, in the depths of the conclave beneath Kharbranth[1]

The entryway to Palanaeum is known as the veil, a huge chamber, stretching so high up that it is impossible to tell just how high it is. Set into the smooth rock walls were dozens of small balconies, often rented by those wishing to study the texts held within. The Palanaeum proper, the grand storehouse of books, is located on the other side from the room, it was a smaller chamber than the veil.[1] The Palanaeum was shaped like an inverted pyramid carved down into the rock. It had balcony walkways suspended around its perimeter. Slanted gently downward, they ran around all four walls to form a majestic square spiral, a giant staircase pointing toward the center of Roshar. A series of lifts provided a quicker method of descending.[2]

Both the 'veil' and the 'Palanaeum proper' dates before the foundation of the city above, Kharbranth. Some think these chambers might have been cut by the Dawnsingers themselves.[1] The steel door that bar the entrance to the Palanaeum, carved in an intricate geometric pattern with circles and lines and glyphs, in some kind of chart, half on each door.[1]

Access to the Palanaeum proper required a chit of admittance, which can be obtained for a large fee, of one thousand sapphire broams. These fees are one of the three major sources of income for the city, used to fund its many hospitals. Waiting in one of the reading alcoves is free, however, if you wish to use it regularly you'll have to rent the space for two skymarks.[1]


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