Oathbringer Shardblade

Fan art by David Fonti[1]

Oathbringer was the name of Dalinar's Shardblade whilst he was a Shardbearer.[1]


The blade is six feet long, slightly curved and a handspan wide. It has wavelike serrations near the hilt, and is curved like a fisherman's hook near the tip.[1]


Oathbringer was bonded to Dalinar when he was twenty Weepings old.[1] He used it in combat with the Parshendi.

Near the end of The Way of Kings, Dalinar gave the Blade to Sadeas in exchange for the bridgemen who'd protected him when Sadeas abandoned him to the Parshendi.[2]

Although Oathbringer was then in Sadeas' possession,[2] the Blade currently lies at the bottom of the tower of Urithiru, given that Adolin has since murdered Sadeas and then proceeded to throw Oathbringer out of a window.[3]


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