Biographical information
Ethnicity Threnodian
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Abilities Worldhopper
Occupation Ardent, Artist, Artifact Collector
Appears in Words of Radiance, The Alloy of Law, Secret History

Nazh, also known as Nazrilof, is an ardent, yet thus far, remains a mysterious character within The Stormlight Archive.[1][2] He is in the employ of Khriss[3], to whom he delivers information on Shardworlds in the forms of cartography and glyphs. Nazh is extremely knowledgable about the Cosmere, though not as knowledgable as his employer.[4]


Kaladin described him as "lanky".[2]


Nazh is from Threnody,[5] the world of Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. Threnody is close to Scadriel, possibly even in the same solar system.

Ephemera bridge4

Bridge Four from Nazh's sketches
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

Apparently, in late 1173 on Roshar, Nazh observed the bridgemen of Bridge Four being tattooed with their emblem of freedom from slavery. Rock shooed Nazh off from the Bridge Four barrack because, as described by Rock, the Ardent had been loitering with a sketchbook, attempting to draw bridgemen.[2]

I had to spend hours watching the bridgemen to sketch their stupid forehead glyphs so you could have them, my friend.


(It is assumed that this 'friend' is Khriss.)

WoR Endnote

Glyphs from Navani's notebook
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

Nazh retrieved the Keteks from Navani's notebook that appear in The Stormlight Archive.[6][7]

Further, Nazh is also the Worldhopper who drew the maps for the second trilogy of Mistborn novels.


He is a Worldhopper, as evidenced by his activities on other planets in the Cosmere (i.e., Scadriel).[1]

Further, he reads and sketches, which - as an Ardent is common - yet which is uncommon amongst men on Roshar.[8]

Additionally, that he was able to rescue Shallan's sketchbook from the ocean after the debacle of the Wind's Pleasure, indicates that he has some other unknown power.[9]


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