Navani Kholin

Fan art by ex-m[3]
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Alive
Social Information
Title(s) Brightness, Queen of Alethkar (former)
Family House Kholin
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Navani Kholin, mother of King Elhokar and Jasnah Kholin, had been courted by both Gavilar and Dalinar once, but she chose Gavilar, not because he would be King, but because she was frightened of Dalinar.[1]

She is politically adept and is an engineer and researcher of fabrials. She had been in Kholinar to aid Queen Aesudan in protecting the King's interests, but felt sidelined and useless there. She ventured to the Shattered Plains to bring word that the Vedens had perfected what they called half-Shards, and to pursue Dalinar. 



Painting by krhart[1]

Navani is a statuesque woman with long black hair and a refined, beautiful face. She's in her 50s but looks somewhat younger, though she still looks middle-aged.[2]


Navani Kholin athenaeum

Navani Kholin
Fan art by athenaeum[2]

Navani is extremely intelligent and used to enjoy participating in the political arena but as she grew older, and after her husband was killed, she became more straightforward and less concerned with social standing and reputation. She can be coy and sometimes a little manipulative, a remnant from younger days, but is every inch an Alethi queen: professional, strong, and keeps a clear mind in a crisis. She has a wry wit and is not afraid to show it. She sees patterns in everything and uses that to her advantage, drawing together plans and calculations in her head without even really thinking about them.

She is her most genuine when playing with new fabrials. She is without pretense, a most excited engineer.[3]

According to Jasnah, Navani has a tendency toward the 'overwhelming'.[4] Even so, Navani appreciates and admires neatness, order, rationality ... intentionality.[5]


Navani believes that one can get so much more done when everything is in its place, when one can easily find what or whom one needs. Creativity requires such things.[5] She believes that art is about creation. Creation is its soul, its essence. Creation and order. Take something disorganized and build something from it. Something from nothing. The soul of creation.[6]


She is a talented fabrial engineer as well as a scholar of ancient languages and civilizations. She is also an artist and cartographer. Her knowledge of the ancients and their history is second only to her daughter, Jasnah.

Navani shows Dalinar the Painrial - a fabrial that can lessen pain. She mentions it could be highly valuable for surgeries or if applied on a larger scale to a battlefield.[3]

She was essential in helping Dalinar uncover the credibility and meaning behind his visions during highstorms.[7][3]


  • Led the research to develop the fabrial that controlled the Grandbow.[8]
  • Had a hand in the construction of the Painrial fabrial.[3]


Navani is the widow to the late King Gavilar and mother of Elhokar and Jasnah Kholin. Six years after her husband's death, she begins re-courting Dalinar Kholin. This relationship is viewed as somewhat tedious for the people of Alethkar, who still formally regard Navani and Dalinar as brother and sister. 

She tells Dalinar that it was his intensity that scared her. Yet, recognizing that he has " ... wrapped armor around it ...," she admits that this is a part of that which she finds fascinating about him.[1] She regrets her decision in choosing Gavilar and, once she acknowledges this to herself, she is able to admit her fondness of Dalinar to him and confess the amount of time she's determined she'd wasted neglecting him.

Dalinar notes that Adolin acts like a child when around Navani. He responds quickly to her suggestions regarding the situation as she has a way of deftly manipulating him in a benevolent manner as a mother would her own children. 

Note: The discomfort of Alethi society with the courtship might have been a leading factor in Navani's personal decision, initially. Perhaps, she feared that her reputation might falter. Now, she has no reservations in pursuing her relationship with Dalinar.

Navani is three months Dalinar's senior.[9]


  • Gavilar Kholin - Husband (deceased)
  • Jasnah Kholin - Daughter
  • Elhokar Kholin - Son and current King of Alethkar
  • Aesudan Kholin - Daughter-in-law
  • Unnamed child - Grandson (son of Elhokar and Aesudan)[10]
  • Dalinar Kholin - Former/current love interest and brother-in-law (formally considered a brother due to her marriage to Gavilar)
  • Shshshsh - Sister-in-law (status unknown)
  • Adolin Kholin - Nephew (by whom she is known as Mashala)
  • Renarin Kholin - Nephew




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