Navani's notebook is a series of pages found in The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, which was translated from Alethi into English.

Page OneEdit


Drawing by Isaac Stewart

The page explains how different types of spren are used to power fabrials, which in turn power machines. An example of such a machine is the pain knife, a non-lethal weapon used for self-defense.


About Fabrials
The cut and type of the gem determines what kind of spren are attracted to it and can be imprisoned in it.

There must be thousands of possible combinations.

Once a spren is captured and the gem infused with Stormlight the fabrial can be used in machines.''

Around it scribed: Cold, gravity, pain, heat, wind, Flamespren trapped in emerald.

The pain knife
The pain knife is used as a means of protection. Sharp blades pierce an attacker’s clothing and cause crippling pain.

The pain knife parts explained:

Removable outer covering to infuse fabrial with Stormlight
Retractable blades cause crippling pain.
Dial pushes blades to four set lengths.

Page TwoEdit


Drawing by Isaac Stewart

The page describes the design and operation of a fabrial-powered bracelet (presumably of Navani's own invention) that can be used to read the emotions of nearby people.Text:

Examples of stormlight patterns
Patterns of stormlight filtered through the fabrial determine the power of the gem
Fabrials allow creation of things like the emotion bracelet made of ten fabrials working together
The pattern cannot be seen by the naked eye

Man betrayed by a close friend Woman who has just been proposed to Man who discovered his betrothed lies to him Mother at wedding of only son

Anticipation anger disgust sadness

love hate

joy trust fear surprise

The trick of the emotion fabrials is first learning to read it and second learning to tell if the bracelet is reading your emotions, your subject's emotions, or the emotions of the people in the next room over.

Page ThreeEdit

Navani archerstand

Archerstand by Navani
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

This fabrial was created so as to keep archers protected - as a windbreak - from the effects of highstorms. It had somewhat the ability of a Surgebinder in that it "somehow manipulated gravityspren".

The translation of the script is as follows:

1. Fabrial for an archer tower.

2. Reversal principle conjoined.

3. Compounded custom cut amethysts.

4. Aids in drying bowstrings.

5. Archers during the Weeping.[1]


Much of the translation from Page One and Page Two is from the work of Harakeke. See the information and process here: Navani's Notebook Translation