Biographical information
Nationality Thaylen
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Overseer of the King's daily assessments by his Stormwardens
Appears in Words of Radiance

Mrall is a Thaylen man in service to King Taravangian and one whom everyone assumes is the King's head bodyguard. In truth, it is Mrall who bears the responsibility of deciding whether the King is fit to rule on a daily basis. He does so based on the curse Taravangian incurred for the boon granted him by the Nightwatcher (i.e., he wakes each morning with a mental capacity somewhere between idiocy and brilliance). It is up to Mrall to discern Taravangian's faculties each morning and determine whether he will enjoy the day as King or spend it as a prisoner.[1]

Mrall oversees the tests that determine Taravangian's capacity, which were designed by the King himself in one of his days of brilliance and are administered by a group of Stormwardens. Further, he is responsible for inquiring of Taravangian whether the assessments and restrictions of the Stormwardens are acceptable to him.[1]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mrall shaves both his head and eyebrows (which definitely is not traditional Thaylen practice). He wears a black leather cuirass and is a formidable man.

Mrall could loom over a mountain and intimidate the wind itself.[1]