The Midnight Essence, also referred to simply as Essence, are creatures with smooth black reflective skin; knifelike teeth; soft black heads with no visible eyes; sinuous, boneless necks; fluid, inklike bodies; six slender, very thin, legs bent at the sides and clawed paws.[1]

They make a hissing sound and click their teeth when "tasting the air" around them.[1]

Their skin is resistant to knife attacks at first, but when it breaks, it can be ripped apart easily. Their wounds bleed smoke and when killed (Dalinar kills one by stabbing it though the chest in one of his visions), the body deflates "like a leaking wineskin". After dead, their body resembles a "black silk sack".[1]

Later in Dalinar's same vision, a female Radiant comes to aid him and together they kill the rest of the creatures. They are the ones who identify the creatures as Midnight Essence.[1]

The vision is set in the Eighth Epoch, year three thirty-seven, in Natanatan. The Desolation had not yet come, but was predicted to be close, by whom the Radiant named as Harkaylain.

Harkaylain says the Desolation is close, and he is not often wrong.

–Female Radiant[1]

At the time the creatures attack Dalinar, the first moon, Salas - the smallest of the moons with dim violet light - was up in the sky.[2]


From the insistence within the narrative in referring to the moon and its light during the entire chapter, this information might have some importance with regard to Odium.

Re-Shepir, the Midnight Mother, giving birth to abominations with her essence so dark, so terrible, so consuming. She is here! She watches me die!

–Dated Shashabev, 1173, 8 seconds pre-death. Subject: a darkeyed dock-worker in his forties, father of three.[3]

Although these dying words are the only record of the names Re-Shepir or Midnight Mother being mentioned in The Way of Kings,[4] and Dalinar's vision the only instance in which the name Midnight Essence occurs, the phrasing above seems to suggest that the Midnight Essence is the abominations to which Re-Shepir gives birth. Further, Dalinar describes the creature's skin as dark-as-midnight which also corresponds to the phrasing her essence so dark.


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