Michim is a game played with colored rocks upon which opponents bet with spheres. Each bet their rocks in a pile, while trying to guess the ones their opponent had hidden.[1]

I see this hard for you, Sigzil said. Want to play another hand of Michim to pass the time instead?

You just want my storming spheres, Teft snapped ... . And don't call it by that name.

Michim is the game's actual name.

That's a holy word, and ain't no game named a holy word.

The word isn't holy where it came from, Sigzil said ... .

We ain't there now, are we? Call it something else.

I thought you'd like it, Sigzil said, picking up the colored rocks that were used in the game. It's a game of skill, not chance, so it doesn't offend Vorin sensibilities.

–Conversation between Sigzil and Teft[1]


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