Biographical information
Ethnicity Unkalaki
Nationality Unkalaki
Gender Male
Occupation God
Appears in Words of Radiance (mentioned)

Lunu'anaki is the Unkalaki god of mischief and travel.[1]


In Words of Radiance, Rock reveals that he has previously encountered Hoid. This occurs during an instance when Kaladin goes out drinking with the members of Bridge Four before meeting with Graves and Moash. As Rock is telling his story about the hot springs on top of his homeland, The Peaks, he says that they are on top just water, but below something else: "Place of gods". Rock said further that he met Lunu'anaki, who asked him what year it was. While he says that Lunu'anaki has white hair, he further mentions the angular face used to describe Hoid over and over.[1]


It is possible that the pool on the Peaks can possibly connect to Shadesmar or to another world in the Cosmere.