Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Abilities Assassination, Observation
Physical Description
Hair Color Dark
Social Information
Aliases Weeper
Occupation Assassin
Appears in The Way of Kings[1]
Words of Radiance

Liss is an assassin who is employed by Jasnah to spy on Queen Aesudan Kholin, King Elhokar's wife. Liss is known as the Weeper because she gouges out the eyes of the targets she kills.[1]

Although she hadn't coined the cognomen, it served her purpose well, since she had secrets to hide. For one thing, nobody knew that the Weeper was a woman.[1]

People said the Weeper gouged out eyes to proclaim indifference to whether her victims were lighteyed or dark. The truth is that this action hides another secret; Liss doesn't want anyone to know that the way she kills leaves corpses with burned-out eye sockets.[1]

The Way of KingsEdit

Liss owned Szeth, but sold him to the Parshendi just prior to the assassination of Gavilar for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, she had valued him as too good a servant.[1]

Words of RadianceEdit

Liss questions why Jasnah has hired an assassin to simply watch. Jasnah replies that she chose her because she is an expert at extended observations. Liss then states that she'll be more expensive as an observer and asks whether Jasnah simply wants the Queen dead. Jasnah accepts Liss's cost, insists that Liss become hired as one of her sister-in-law's maids, using fake credentials, which she assumes Liss is capable of producing, insisting that Liss will be hired. At the conclusion of their interaction, Liss states that she likes Jasnah, not only because of her deep pockets, but also because she deems Jasnah as different from other lighteyes.[1]

When others hire me, they turn up their noses at the entire process. They're all to eager to use my services, but sneer and wring their hands, as if they hate being forced to do something utterly distasteful.[1]


It is implied that Liss owns a Shardblade.[1]


With regard to the gouged out eyes, there is a reference which holds significance.[2]

Was Brandon aware of this as he developed the character of Liss or is this something that he intended to remain rather vague?

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. Is Liss a Surgebinder?

A. RAFO![3]


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