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The Order's two Surges: Illumination (top left),

Transformation (bottom left) and Ideal/Essence.

Lightweavers are one of the Ten Orders of Knights Radiant. Lightweavers share the Surges of Truthwatchers (Illumination) and Elsecallers (Transformation). Shalash is the patron of this Order.

The Lightweavers' Nahel bond is with Cryptic spren, which appear to be inclined toward lies and manipulation, while also valuing truths and self-awareness.


Malchin was stymied, for though he was inferior to none in the arts of war, he was not suitable for the Lightweavers; he wished for his oaths to be elementary and straightforward, and yet their spren were liberal, as to our comprehension, in definitions pertaining to this matter; the process included speaking truths as an approach to a threshold of self-awareness that Malchin could never attain.

–From Words of Radiance, chapter 12, page 12[1]

Yet, were the orders not disheartened by so great a defeat, for the Lightweavers provided spiritual sustenance; they were enticed by those glorious creations to venture on a second assault.

–From Words of Radiance, chapter 21, page 10[2]

These Lightweavers, by no coincidence, included many who pursued the arts; namely, writers, artists, musicians, painters, sculptors. Considering the order's general temperament, the tales of their strange and varied mnemonic abilities may have been embellished.

–From Words of Radiance, chapter 21, page 10[3]


As indicated above, the Lightweavers spoke truths as an approach to a threshold of self-awareness.[1] They provided spiritual sustenance to their fellow Radiants.[2]

Further, they were comprised of writers, artists, musicians, painters, and sculptors, who exhibited varied mnemonic abilities.[3]

They also had an affinity to act as liaisons with the great ones of the spren, but never were the true masters of visitation in their realm.[4]

Known LightweaversEdit

Shallan Davar, through Pattern, belongs to this Order.[5]

Immortal WordsEdit

The First IdealEdit

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.[6]

Lightweavers make no oaths beyond the first ... . You must speak truths.

–Pattern to Shallan[5]


Lightweavers' Resonance has something to do with their mnemonic abilities (i.e., the mental images that Shallan had).[7]