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A lighteyes is a person with lightly colored eyes, such as blue or green. Lighteyes are the ruling class in former Vorin Kingdoms, such as Alethkar, Jah Keved and Thaylenah.

"To you, a lighteyes is the same as a leader. In other kingdoms, though, other things make a man a ... curse this Alethi language. A man of high birth. A brightlord, only without the eyes.

Sigzil to Kaladin[1]

According to Vorin teachings, lighteyes are chosen at birth by the Heralds, marked for rule.[2] In the Vorin legal code of citizenship, lighteyes are classified by dahn; the lower the dahn, the higher one is ranked. For example, tenth dahn classifies one as being almost as low as a darkeyes. Thaylenah has its own system of ranks.


Palindromes are holy in the Alethi language. Nobility will often change one letter to create a child's name to evoke the holy term but also to avoid blasphemy.[3]

Brightlord and Brightness are lighteyes' honorifics.

Many darkeyes look at lighteyes with disdain.


Lighteyed women are very proficient at working with just their freehand.[4]

Mixed BloodsEdit

Foreign blood amongst lighteyes means stray hairs of another color (for example), like that of Adolin Kholin and Ialai Sadeas. Ironically, mixed-blood is far more common in lighteyes than in darkeyes. Darkeyes rarely marry foreigners, but the Alethi Houses often need alliances or money from the outside.[5]

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. Are the lighteyes descendants of the first people who took the Shards after the Knights Radiant abandoned them?

A. I'm afraid I have to RAFO this too.[6]


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