The Last Legion was the name of the listeners when they lived in the dark home. They were warriors who had been set to fight in the farthest plains, a place which had once been a nation and was now rubble. The freedom of most people was then dead. Unknown forms were forced upon them - forms of power, but also forms of obedience. The gods commanded and the people obeyed.[1]

However, there was the day of a storm when the Last Legion fled; warriors, touched by the gods, sought dullness of mind - their only choice - a crippling that brought freedom.[1]

Daring was the challenge made when the Last Legion abandoned thought and power in exchange for freedom. They risked forgetting all. And so songs they composed, a hundred stories to tell, to remember.

Eshonai's mother to Eshonai[1]

The Last Legion hadn't known how to transform into anything other than dullform and mateform without the help of the gods. The question remains as to just how they had known that other forms were possible.[1]

How had they known the other forms were possible? Had these facts originally been recorded in the songs, and then lost over the years as words changed here and there?[1]