A larkin is a rare creature, about as big as a palm,[1] which can absorb Stormlight from people.[2] It looks something like a cremling, but with wings that fold out of its back, eyes of solid silver, and a snout and mouth reminiscent of an axehound's.[3][2]

Though they were supposed to have died with the scouring of Aimia,[3] they now remain endangered.[4] However, even their corpses bring a fortune in trade.[5]


Elhokar Kholin has the corpse of a larkin trapped inside a block of crystal in his conference room in the Pinnacle which he uses as a paperweight.[6]

Rysn is given a larkin by the Tai-na of the Reshi Isles after she launched herself over the side of the greatshell because she knew that Relu-na approved of boldness.[3]

Nalan uses a larkin to absorb "awesomeness" from Lift in an attempt to divest her of Investiture.[2]


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