Biographical information
Race Parshendi
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Appears in Words of Radiance,
Oathbringer (mentioned)

Klade was one of the five members of the Parshendi ruling Council - an elder - who desired and orchestrated the death of Jasnah's father[1], which actually occurred in the Prologue of The Way of Kings at Eshonai's behest, based on information Eshonai relayed to Klade from an impromptu conversation she'd had with Gavilar prior to the event.[2]

Klade was then the prominent member of the Council of Five, though in just what form remains as yet unknown. When Eshonai brought to him the news of her conversation with Gavilar, and after a frantic debate amongst the Five, they agreed that their course of action was to assassinate Gavilar for his intentions. Klade had a slave that was an assassin who would perform the deed.[2]


Klade wears neatly stitched cloth wraps, sashes at the waist, loose shirts with no sleeves, hanging vests, open at the sides, woven in bright colors. Clothing for the Parshendi wasn't segregated by gender.[1]