Biographical information
Ethnicity Taldainian
Nationality Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Worldhopper
Appears in The Bands of Mourning, Secret History, White Sand, Arcanum Unbounded

Khriss is one of the lead characters in the original, unpublished White Sand. She's a scholar who stumbles upon a much larger universe than she had bargained for. She is the most knowledgeable individual about just what is going on in the Cosmere; more than Hoid, more than Nazh.[1] Khriss concerns herself only with the workings of Investiture and the finer details of each world's magic system.

Khriss is also the employer of Nazh.[2] She is from the world Taldain.[3]

Khriss has been confirmed as the writer of the Ars Arcanum in each Cosmere novel, and, within Arcanum Unbounded, Khriss has an introduction to several Cosmere worlds, plus a map of several solar systems within the Cosmere.[4]

Khriss is not a member of the 17th Shard group.


On Roshar, she would mistakenly be taken to be of Makabaki origin because she is dark-skinned.[5] She has brown eyes and wears her hair in braids.

While on Dayside, Khriss wears a pair of dark, heavy sunglasses as she is unused to the sunlight there.


Khriss is a university-educated scholar and is extremely inquisitive. She seeks to understand and find scientific explanations for all that she can.



Duchess Khrissalla is a Worldhopper, originally from the country of Elis on the Darkside of the Shardworld Taldain. Initially unaware of the world beyond her native Darkside, she embarks upon a journey to the Dayside of Taldain to find the mythical Sand Mages.[6]


Khriss and Nazh were discovered by Kelsier in the Cognitive Realm of Scadrial. The pair enlightened Kelsier on how the events on Scadrial had an effect on the Cosmere. They remained quite vague as to why they were there, or about other events elsewhere in the Cosmere that are unrelated to the current conflict. They left abruptly after Kelsier told them of his meeting with Drifter.[7]


Khriss - along with Nazh and Guyn - resides in this place within the Cognitive Realm.[8] It is possible that this is the place that is not a world where many Worldhoppers reside that also holds a Shard.[9]


As the author of multiple Ars Arcana, Khriss has expressed that Hemalurgy, being primarily concerned with things of the Spiritual Realm, is of great interest to her. She thinks it to be of great interest to the Cosmere as well. She also thinks that there are great possibilities for its use.[10]

Further, she expresses a specific interest in the ability of Metalborn on Scadrial - with the ability to access both Allomancy and Feruchemy - as the mixing of different types of Investiture has curious effects. She references what has happened on Roshar - two powers, combined, often have an almost chemical reaction - and instead of getting out what one put in, one gets something new. Still, she notes, the effects on Scadrial are more subtle than they are when mixing Surges on Roshar. Even so, she is convinced that each unique combination also creates something distinctive; not just two powers, but two powers ... and an effect.[11]


As a Worldhopper, Khriss is able to be on Scadrial at the moment of Preservation's demise. She and Nazh claimed Preservation was dying a slow death, the first they'd seen without a shattering:

"I’m very curious to see," Khriss said. "I’ve never viewed it in person, and the past deaths were different. They were each a single, stunning event, the god’s power shattered and dispersed. This is more like a strangulation, while those were like a beheading. This should be very instructive."

–Khriss to Kelsier[12]

She is well aware of the manner in which other Shards were shattered, but it seems she was not on each their Shardworlds at the time to witness each their demises.

Cosmere AppearancesEdit

  • In The Bands of Mourning, Khriss is the woman who questions Wax on his abilities at the ball in New Seran on Scadrial. She stole a dance with him and asked him questions about his powers and how they related to physics. She was also mentioned in a broadsheet ad, which informed people who hear talking tools to contact Khriss and Nazh. [13]
  • In Secret History, and as indicated above, Khriss is on Scadrial with Nazh at the moment of Preservation's demise.[14]
  • In White Sand, on the world Taldain, Khriss is a mysterious Darksider who hides secrets of her own. The weak Sand Master, Kenton, forges an unlikely partnership with her.[15]


Since spren are intimately tied to Surges on Roshar, Khriss and the ardent Geranid would likely get along.


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