WoR Endnote

Glyphs from Navani's Notebook
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

A Ketek is a complex form of a holy Vorin poem which reads the same forwards and backwards (allowing for alteration of verb forms), and is also divisible into five distinct smaller sections, each of which makes a complete thought.

The complete poem must form a sentence that is grammatically correct and (theoretically) poignant in meaning. Because of the difficulty in constructing a ketek, the structure was once considered the highest and most impressive form of all Vorin poetry. [1]


Above silence, the illuminating storms—dying storms—illuminate the silence above.

–An illiterate dying Herdazian [2]

Alight, winds approach deadly approaching winds alight.

Navani Kholin[3]

Radiant / of birthplace / the announcer comes / to come announce / the birthplace of Radiants.

– Allahn [4]


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