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House Kholin is the current ruling house of Alethkar, and the house of the Highprince ruling Kholinar.


  • Gavilar - Dalinar's older brother, King (deceased)
  • Navani - Gavilar's widow, Queen, Dalinar's wife
  • Jasnah - Daughter of Gavilar and Navani, Queen
  • Elhokar - Son of Gavilar and Navani, King (deceased)
  • Aesudan - Elhokar's wife, Queen (consumed)
  • Gavinor - Son of Elhokar and Aesudan
  • Dalinar - Gavilar's younger brother, Highprince
  • Evi - Dalinar's wife (deceased)
  • Adolin - Son of Dalinar and Evi, Heir
  • Renarin - Younger son of Dalinar and Evi
  • Shallan - Adolin's wife

Affiliated PeopleEdit


Elhokar Kholin Sigil

Sigil of Highprince Dalinar Kholin


Unstylized version of the Kholin Glyph

The House banner is described as being deep blue with white glyphs - khokh and linil, stylized and painted as a sword standing before a crown.[1] On Dalinar's banner, khokh is drawn in the shape of a crown and linil forms a tower. Dalinar's mother had drawn the original design, the same his signet ring bore, though Elhokar used a sword and crown instead.[2]