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House Kholin is the current ruling house of Alethkar, and the house of the Highprince ruling Kholinar.


  • Gavilar - Dalinar's older brother, King (deceased)
  • Navani - Gavilar's widow, Dalinar's love interest
  • Jasnah - Daughter of Gavilar and Navani
  • Elhokar - Son of Gavilar and Navani, King
  • Aesudan - Elhokar's wife, Queen
  • Unnamed child - Son of Elhokar and Aesudan
  • Dalinar - Gavilar's younger brother, Highprince of House
  • Shshshsh - Dalinar's wife (status unknown)
  • Adolin - Son of Dalinar and Shshshsh, Heir
  • Renarin - Younger son of Dalinar and Shshshsh

Affiliated PeopleEdit


Elhokar Kholin Sigil

Sigil of Highprince Dalinar Kholin


Unstylized version of the Kholin Glyph

The House banner is described as being deep blue with white glyphs - khokh and linil, stylized and painted as a sword standing before a crown.[1] On Dalinar's banner, khokh is drawn in the shape of a crown and linil forms a tower. Dalinar's mother had drawn the original design, the same his signet ring bore, though Elhokar used a sword and crown instead.[2]