Honorspren are the spren of oaths and promises.[1] They are one of the ten types of spren that can form a Nahel bond. This bond gives the user the Surges of the Windrunners: Gravitation and Adhesion.


Honorspren were once made by Honor himself. He stopped some time before his death and gave that responsibility to the Stormfather. Of the handful that the Stormfather created, only Syl survived the Recreance, the rest becoming Deadeyes.[citation needed] Believing all to be dead, he refused to create any more for centuries. When he began to create again, he only created ten. From those ten came the rest of the honorspren as they could apparently create their own honorspren as children, then those children created their own.[2]

In Shadesmar, the honorspren rule over a grand city known as Unyielding Fidelity.[2]

Notable HonorsprenEdit