The Heraldic Epochs is a time period in the history of Roshar taking place more than 4500 years before the events of The Way of Kings.

According to Vorin teachings, it was during that time, known by some as the Shadowdays, that mankind went through the Desolations, a cycle that sowed chaos, death and destruction on a terrible scale.

This age is so-named for the Heralds of the Almighty, the founders of the Orders of the Knights Radiant, who fought to protect humankind against the Voidbringers

This Heraldic era was brought to an end when the Heralds abandoned humankind, giving birth to the Era of Solitude. In Vorin teachings the event is known as Aharietiam, the Last Desolation, when humankind finally won, ending the cycle of desolations.

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