Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Dead
Abilities Surgebinding, Shardbearer
Occupation Knight Radiant
Appears in The Way of Kings

Harkaylain was a Radiant of the Eighth Epoch, named by a female Radiant during one of Dalinar's visions, and who fought beside them both (Dalinar as Heb) against creatures of Midnight Essence ... and won.[1]


He had eyes of bright blue, almost white. His skin was dark brown, like a Makabaki. He had short, black curly hair.[1]

His Shardplate glowed with blue light and he bore a Shardblade, while Stormlight rose from his body.[1]

Knights RadiantEdit

Harkaylain inquired of Heb just who'd trained him to the sword. He recognized that Heb's stances were unfamiliar to him, but that they were practiced and precise. Further, he invited Heb to put his skills to use in training moreso at Urithiru.[1]

A Desolation is coming.

–Harkaylain to Heb[1]

Harkaylain says the Desolation is close, and he is not often wrong.

–Female Radiant to Heb[1]


It's possible that Harkaylain was some figure of authority on matters such as Desolations.


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