Everstorm - Kaladin
Fan art by endave[1]

The True Desolation, also called the Everstorm or the Night of Sorrows[1], is the upcoming and supposedly final confrontation between humankind and the forces of Odium. Most of what is known about this confrontation is in the recorded last words of those who have recently died.

Due to the fact that the Heralds told the people that the Desolations have ended and they won the war, many people do not believe that it is real.

Warning Book Spoiler: Significant plot details follow.

The Everstorm ComesEdit


The Everlasting Storm
Photograph by Fritz Pascal

In the final chapter and event in The Way of Kings, Talenel'Elin, Herald of the Almighty, appears in Kholinar, prophesying the coming of the True Desolation. It appears the new Everstorm will transform the Parshendi into Voidbringers.

In Words of Radiance it is revealed that the Everstorm must be summoned by the Parshendi using a forbidden form called Stormform. The amount of Parshendi required to do this numbers in the thousands. While Dalinar's army makes a valiant attempt, it is unable to stop the Parshendi before they complete the summoning of the storm with their multi-level song. This song, according to Rlain, is death; the rhythm of destruction.[2] The storm is noted to be going the wrong way (i.e., west to east).

The storm appears to either gather or generate voidspren, which are implied to create Thunderclasts and Voidbringers.

The True Desolation appears to be different from the other Desolations as noted by Wit; the Storm will transform parshmen into Voidbringers rather than all Parshendi transforming at once, as was thought by Jasnah Kholin. She notes that this makes all the information she gathered during her time in Shadesmar nearly useless.



Photograph by Glenn Burns

The Everstorm is the power of Odium, the Shard of Hate, brought to Roshar. The spren he creates are able to create Thunderclasts and turn parshmen into their Void form (i.e., stormform).


Unite them. The sun approaches the horizon. The Everstorm comes. The True Desolation. The Night of Sorrows.

–the Almighty during one of Dalinar's visions[3]

I have said I that cannot be of much help to you. The Night of Sorrows will come, and the True Desolation. The Everstorm.

–the Almighty during one of Dalinar's visions[1]

I am Talenel'Elin, Stonesinew, Herald of the Almighty. The Desolation has come. Oh, God... it has come.

–Talenel'Elin announcing the coming of a new Desolation

It's not of us, but of him.

Syl to Kaladin[4]


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