The Envisagers were a secret sect that awaited the return of the Knights Radiant. Currently there are no known living members.

Teft's parents were members of the Envisagers. They believed in the Immortal Words (the Ideals), the Knights Radiant, the Almighty, and especially old Vorinism.[1] They also believed that they had the power of the Radiants within them and that if they were about to die, the power would come out in them and they would save themselves.[2] Thus, many of them died, quite unnecessarily. Teft believes that they are all dead because of something he did. He believes that there might be others who are still alive but does not know how to find them.[3]


The Envisagers were gone. Dead, because of what he had done. If there were others, he had no idea how to locate them.


"My parents believed in all of it. The Immortal Words, the Ideals, the Knights Radiant, the Almighty. Even old Vorinism. In fact, especially old Vorinism."


"It was some kind of cult, you see, called the Envisagers. They ... well, they thought if they could find a way to return the Voidbringers, then the Knights Radiant would return as well. Stupid, right? Only they knew things. Things they shouldn't, things like what Kaladin can do."

–Teft to Sigzil[2]

"They thought," Teft said, "that people were more likely to manifest powers if their lives were in danger. So ... they'd put lives in danger. Members of their own group - never an innocent outsider, bless the winds. But that was bad enough. I watched people let themselves be pushed off cliffs, watched them tied in place with a candle slowly burning a rope until it snapped and dropped a rock to crush them. It was bad, Sigzil. Awful. The sort of thing nobody should have to watch, especially a boy of six."

–Teft to Sigzil[2]